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The Global Education Tour promises to shape the world of implant dentistry by bringing vibrant, interactive and cutting-edge educational programs to numerous global locations in 2021. This year you have the opportunity to participate in our Global Tour from the safety and comfort of your home or in person!

Discover a limitless world of learning opportunities

Travel the world and learn from the top educators in implant dentistry on multidisciplinary topics from immediacy, soft and hard tissue regeneration, restorative and digital solutions. International educators will provide meaningful instruction on unique techniques and protocols via online conferences, live demonstrations on models or animal jaws, hybrid style hands-on sessions and face to face events.

Sharpen your technique skills with our hands-on live sessions HYBRID style

Get a hands-on experience while learning! Our expert-designed programs will allow a key mentor to spearhead a hands-on workshop from his/her hometown while you remain in your country. Face-to-face guided lessons by local tutors will be offered following live the broadcast of the Master’s hands-on. Transform your knowledge into a practical opportunity to learn from the masters in implant dentistry and interact with colleagues in the field. Explore new challenges!

Interactive live demonstrations on specific protocols and techniques

Live demonstrations providing professionals with learning opportunities that enhance competence, and confidence. These interactive conferences allow clinicians to master techniques in implant dentistry and have the opportunity to follow step by step all the procedures and tips from a Master in implantology. A 30 minutes question and answer session will be offered at the end of each session.

Online and In-Person conferences – new trends and protocols in implant dentistry

Where clinicians can translate scientific evidence into daily practice. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from world recognized implant surgeons on procedures that include complications in the aesthetic zone, immediate loading on single and full arch implants, digital dentistry and regeneration.

Join the Global Education Tour

Join us on this Global Education Tour alongside BioHorizons Camlog and help us continue to restore smiles around the world through a commitment to inspiring excellence in oral reconstruction. An exciting year awaits us!

April 23
July 2
July 9-10
September 3-4
October 9
Saudi Arabia
November 5-6
Spring 2022

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Andrea Agnini

Andrea Agnini

Dr. Alessandro Agnini

Alessandro Agnini

Dr. Orlando Alvarez

Orlando Alvarez

Dr. Antonio Sanz

Antonio Sanz

Dr. Carlos Cáceres

Carlos Cáceres

Dr. Abdelsalam Elaskary

Abdelsalam Elaskary

Dr. Pedro Gazzotti

Pedro Gazzotti

Dr. Ramón Gómez-Meda

Ramón Gómez-Meda

Dr. Marcelo Ferrer

Marcelo Ferrer

Dr. Martijn Moolenaar

Martijn Moolenaar

Dr. Andrés Pascual

Andrés Pascual

Dr. Alain Romanos

Alain Romanos

Dr. Marius Steigmann

Marius Steigmann

Dr. Paul Swanson

Paul Swanson
United Kingdom

Dr. David Troncoso

David Troncoso

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