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2024 Schedule

The Global Education Tour promises to shape the world of implant dentistry by bringing advanced, cutting-edge educational programs to numerous global locations in 2024.

Join the Global Education Tour

Join us on this Global Education Tour alongside BioHorizons Camlog and help us continue to restore smiles around the world through a commitment to inspiring excellence in oral reconstruction. An exciting year awaits us!

Discover a limitless world of learning opportunities

Travel the world and learn from the top educators in implant dentistry on multidisciplinary topics from immediacy, soft and hard tissue regeneration, restorative and digital solutions. International educators will provide meaningful instruction on unique techniques and protocols.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) mitigation efforts have required the dental implant industry to work within changing, complex circumstances and unprecedented situations. BioHorizons Camlog is committed to offering guidance and resources to support your educational efforts and needs during this pandemic.

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